Renowab Infratech, a leading solar power solutions company, provides a comprehensive range of products and services extending from viability studies to supply, commissioning, operation and maintenance of turnkey Solar PV System for Rooftop and Ground mounted projects across the country.

To ensure solar energy is the leading contributor to India’s energy independence.
To be the lowest cost producer in India by bringing in the best of solar technology and support it with the best solar expertise.
Project Planning/Preparation
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Site Assessment
  • Assessment of legal & Regulatory framework
  • Evaluation of financing options
System Design
  • Detailed Site Assessment
  • PV System components selection
  • PV System design using software(s)
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Obtaining permits
  • Ensuring safety
  • System installations
  • Testing & Commissioning
Operations & Maintenance
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
System Integrator whom you can trust

About Promoters

Our promoters Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified by TUV-SUD Management Services GmBH is one of the largest Hydroelectric consultancy firm present in India with a rich experience of over 12 years.

Empanelled With

  • Ministry of New & Renewable Energy*
  • Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
  • Power Finance Corporation Limited
  • PFC Consulting Limited
  • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Few Facts

  • Team of over 120 Engineers, Graduates and Post Graduates in Energy & Environment.
  • A strong Consulting & Management team for advisory & solutions.
  • Over 10,000 MW of Hydro, Thermal & Renewables Projects been commissioned.
  • Presence in Uganda, Bhutan, Nepal, India and Tanzania.

Why your Business needs solar??

Attractive Saving

Attractive savings on electricity bills year on year for next 25 years. Hence, Creating a new profit center.

40% Savings On Bills

Attractive ROI

With rapid payback, strong internal rate of return, and predictable cash flow, commercial solar project is the safest investment you can make for your business.

4-5 years of payback & then profit generation for next 2 decade

Eliminate Uncertainty

Electricity prices are volatil and difficult to predict. By generating your own clean electricity onsite you eliminate your company's exposure to such price volatility.

5.5% electricity tariff jump current fiscal year

Environment Friendly

1 kW (25 years) saves ~2 tones of carbon dioxide from being released in the atmosphere. This is the same as that sequestered by ~1 acres of forest in a lifetime!